Sommaire couteaux régionaux

Before being an important brand in the Thiers area, the AU SABOT cutlery firm is first and foremost the history of a family. In 1870, Etienne Fontenille, at the time a cutlery maker, registered the LE SABOT trademark at the commercial court in Thiers. There were then several successive owners. In March 1973, Jean Sauzedde took over the trademark which has remained a family business since that date. Over the years, the range was to expand through the buyout of other cutlery companies.

Today, established in the Racine business park alongside the Clermont to Lyon motorway, AU SABOT is embarking on the total integration of all the stages of manufacturing, cutting and die stamping.

The new generations of the Sauzedde family are carrying on 5 centuries of know-how in the Thiers cutlery trade.

The knives are designed as real instruments destined for intensive use. Many other qualitative factors correspond to these abilities such as: resistance, cutting power, reliability, longevity, not forgetting constant research into technology and aesthetic quality to satisfy your table or your pocket.

Today, AU SABOT retains the pleasure of seeing a son or grandson's astonishment at finding his grandfather's knife among the range of pocket knives and kitchen or table knives, laguioles, or tools for the garden that it offers among over 1,000 references available.

Always on the look out for new ideas, we also take an interest in studying the projects of designers who want to draw a range of knives or organise a strategy, etc. So today more than ever we remain the faithful representatives of knife enthusiasts. Don't hesitate to contact us to share this passion.


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