The Basque or Yatagan Basque knife. The unusual design of this knife lies in the metal studs embedded in the handle, which were part of its original fabrication. Initially, it was used by planters to cut tobacco leaves in the Bergerac region. As soon as the workers cut the leaf stalks though, the sap formed a sticky, gelatinous paste that rapidly clogged their knife. This explains why, at this time, the knife was mounted with a series of prominent metal studs known as rosettes. Coutellerie Au Sabot has opted for a purer, more streamlined look for this version.

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Inspired by the original design.

Made in France

Available in 10 cm – 12 cm



Because some territories, such as the Basque country, have very strong regional identities, Coutellerie Au Sabot has inserted a medallion showing the Basque cross or Lauburu, the foremost symbol of this region.

Made in France

Available in 10 cm – 11 cm – 12 cm


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Headquartered in Thiers since 1870, Au Sabot cutlery produces and designs knives 100% French in respect of the know-how.

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