While our knives are famous for their durability, they still require regular cleaning that will let you store them in a proper condition for a long period of time.

Caring for the wood handle

Wood is a natural, top-quality material, but one that is still somewhat fragile. Never leave your knife in a damp environment and never put it in the dishwasher; the handle may swell (due to being soaked in water). If your knife gets wet, dry it immediately. Keep it in your pocket where it will be protected from damp. Also remember to nourish the wood on a regular basis with linseed oil, or even olive oil.

Caring for the blade

Stainless steel blade

Rinse the blade in fresh water after each use, and dry with a cloth. From time to time, oil the blade and the mechanism.

Carbon steel blade

Carbon steel requires special care: the blade must be washed using a damp sponge (do not pass the blade under running water) and then wiped dry rapidly with a cloth.

Cleaning the bolster

Stainless steel bolster

Stainless steel bolsters do not require any special care or maintenance

Brass bolster

Brass bolsters must be cleaned regularly using a suitable product, such as Mirror or Ouator, etc.

Remember to sharpen your knife regularly (or take it to a professional to be sharpened).